A JDF Day Hike

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The kayak surf season is almost over and the winter storms are starting to pack less of a punch as we get closer to summer. Kayaking as a hobby will change from dropping in on a Jordan River wave to kayak camping, some fishing and paddling bigger summer tides up at Surge Narrows.

The Jordan River surf forecast called for a flat weekend so I took the time to get reacquainted with my camera and daypack; this time, the kayak was left at home.

One of my favourite trails is the Juan de Fuca and I set out give the legs a stretch. I wasn’t intending on a hiking too far; considering that since I purchased a kayak, hiking really has been put on the back burner. A 4km hike in rewarded me with this scene:

Pat Phillips Creek.

Although there was little precipitation, the weather conditions today were dark and overcast; this let me slow down the camera’s shutter speed and make a torrent of water look silky smooth.

On the hike out, I felt the zen of being outdoors in the rain forest, away from the computer and the noise of city. I think I might plan a overnight hike of this trail before the tourist season kicks in.

That is of course, if a kayak trip doesn’t get planned in the meantime :)