August Tides

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This year's "Super Moon" offered some great opportunities to get out and paddle two world class tidal rapids found here on the British Columbia coast. As the tide begins to rise, the magic of these spots rises too. These rapids form a two (building to three) metre standing wave, with several successive smaller waves and unpredictable whirlpools behind it.

In the days leading up to the August full moon, Reuben and I made a quick trip back to Okisollo. Joining us was fellow paddler, Lee on his first trip to Quadra Island's "Big Wave." It was a 9.7 knot day at Okisollo and for a time near maximum flow, the wave had a breaking crest, keeping us off the water until things mellowed out a bit. The highlight of this trip was sharing the wave with Reuben for an extended session after max.

In the days after the full moon, Reuben and I joined two friends, Rowan and Costain, for an epic, multi-day trip to the Skookumchuck Narrows. Costain had these Skook dates circled for sometime as they offered a rare opportunity of two large flood tides during daylight hours. Over a 3 day span, we experienced Skookumchuck at speeds of 12.8, 10.2, 12.8, 10.0 and 12.5 knots. This trip had everything a kayaking trip should, pre-dawn/post-sunset paddles, world class kayak surfing, a thunderstorm and above all, good times with great people.

Work has me in the city this weekend and I know that there are just a few big wave opportunities left in 2014. As I write this, Okisollo is running at a fun speed 8.5 knots…

*Photo courtesy of "Doug" from his boat