Looking Back on 2013

December 31, 2013

I may have been musing about making my next adventure a kayaking trip instead of a wilderness hike. My father heard it and for Christmas in 2012, his gift to me was a new PFD; I didn’t even have a boat, paddle or anything else needed! So 2013 started with some research about this “sea kayaking” thing and thus my little adventure began.

In February, I purchased a kayak but more importantly, I had signed up for instruction with Active Sea Kayaking. Over the next few months, my free time was spent exploring Victoria’s water front. By the end of May, I completed the Paddle Canada Level 2 course and I was eager more than ever to be on the water.

Having someone to grow with in a new sport has been invaluable. I met Reuben while taking the kayak courses. We continued to push ourselves in more challenging and dynamic waters, learning along the way. If the water was flat, we practiced for rough water. If the water stayed flat, we packed our rods and caught fish. In 2013, I couldn’t have found a better buddy.

I met and paddled with some other great people too. Jonathan, Brent and Paul (the Surge Narrows crew) made paddling a technical wave look easy and they selflessly shared how to make the experience safe and fun. Closer to home, Rowan G. added immensely to my kayaking experience with advice, instruction and inspiration.

Today, 2013 closed out with an awesome surf session at Jordan River. Planing down the face of a wave was not even considered last January but…   I sure enjoyed the ride!