Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Here on the British Columbia coast, there is a unique subspecies of wolf that calls these shores home. Typically, these coastal wolves roam the estuaries and swim kilometres between the islands searching for salmon, deer, and even intertidal crustaceans. Hunting down seals on the rocky haul-outs make for a nice dinner for these wolves too.

Locally, a lone, female coastal wolf has inhabited the Discovery and Chatham Islands since the spring of 2012. BC Parks has attempted to trap her much to the disagreement from the local Songhees people. It is from the Songhees that we have been given the name, "Staqeya" for this incredible creature. A name that simply means "wolf".

Between Oak Bay and the Chatham Islands is a body of water called Baynes Channel. This is a local spot for rough water paddling if you happen to catch the wind and tide working together at the right time. We showed up before dawn, looking for rough water to paddle but this morning was not going to be one of those times.

Though it was not going to be a rough water day, it was a fantastic morning to get a few paddle stokes in before work. We crossed Baynes Channel before the sun rose then paddled about the rocky features of the islands. When it was time to head back to across Baynes, we caught a glimse of this beautiful wolf.

What a great way to start a Wednesday.