Dear Brent

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just a quick letter to say how much I enjoyed this summer paddling with you at Surge Narrows.

I looked forward to Thursday evenings because I knew that you were calling. A quick look at the tide tables meant it was going to be you on the line.

I looked forward to the travel up to Campbell River, this time it being me to dial your number to confirm that I was on my way.

Brent, I enjoyed our mini-tradition of stopping at Cafe Aroma on Quadra; Two Americanos and two Bagels with Smoked Salmon enjoyed out on a warm, sunny patio.

Our drives up to the boat launch let us talk about the intracacies of kayak design. Did we even have the radio on? We sure enjoyed the topic.

I recall one of the trips that you and I made into Surge. There were a lot of kayakers up there; a busy day for sure. You quietly paddled away to the "Quadra Wave". When nobody was paying attention, I followed you. We had that hidden spot all to ourselves. Boy, that was a lot of fun.

I know we never got out to Tofino like we hoped but we did have this summer at Surge. For the times that included Paul or Jonathan and for the times when it was just you and I,
I am forever grateful.

My friend, you will be missed and remembered fondly.

Brent at Surge, April 13, 2014. — Photo Credit: Camillia June